Reed House Inc.
Providing support to people with serious mental illness in collaboration with Gateway Behavioral Health System
1144 Cornell Avenue

Savannah, GA 31406
Director: Warren Sparrow
© 2014

The Clubhouse model is all about the power of community. It was created to relieve the loneliness and stigma that affect so many people who are living with serious mental illnesses. Serious mental illness disrupts lives – people lose their jobs, drop out of school, alienate their families and friends, and end up alone.

Clubhouse members choose to come to Reed House to contribute their talents, learn new skills, access opportunities, and forge friendships. Members and staff work as partners to operate successful employment, education, wellness, and housing programs. Our activities and programs are designed to provide opportunities and, at the same time, produce the desire and confidence to pursue them.

Reed House begins with a Work-Ordered Day
in which members voluntarily:

  • attend
  • participate
  • perform administrative duties
  • reaching out to members who are absent 
  • write the newsletter 

Members also perform work in the kitchen :

  • inventorying food supplies, planning meals 
  • preparing and serving lunch, all using restaurant protocols.

Members also serve on the maintenance ​team, keeping the clubhouse clean and a desirable place for all.

Educational advancement is available to members working with our volunteer educator to enhance their literacy skills, earn a GED, enroll in and complete online college level courses.

Although people with serious mental illness have an unemployment rate of 92.6%, most of them want to work and about half of them can successfully hold a job (Road to Recovery: Employment and Mental Illness).  Employment programs in clubhouses help members find and keep jobs.


About 6% of the adult population in America has schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major depression or another major mental illness, collectively referred to as serious mental illness. Reed House is a Clubhouse model psychosocial rehabilitation program designed by and for that population.