​Christopher "Chris" Williams, MA, MAE,  President

Chris has spent his career in mental health counseling and management of mental health providers, both private and public.  He brings a wealth of experience in leadership and management to Reed House.  Chris recently returned to private practice in Savannah.

Jeffrey L. Williamson, JD, Vice President

Jeffrey is a tax and estate planning attorney.  He has served many families seeking to care for a loved one with serious mental illness. He sees the devastation caused to families by the struggle to care for loved ones with mental illness and how prevalent mental illness is in our community.

Arun P. Saini, MBA, Secretary

Arun is a Program Director with Gulfstream Aerospace.  He obtained his BS in Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Tech, an MBA from Mercer University, and is currently writing the dissertation for his PhD.  Arun has been active volunteering in the community for charitable organizations.  He brings an analytical mind and project management experience to our Board.

Austin Blessard

Austin is a federal employee and part-time member of the Georgia Air National Guard.  Although he has years of volunteer experience, Reed House is his first foray into board membership and he is looking forward to using his event organization experience to further its goals

Elbert F. Sholar, MD

Bert is a Psychiatrist with the VA in Savannah who relocated from Richmond, VA. Bert advises the board on medical and veteran issues.  He is also a talented musician who contributes his talents to Reed House events. 

J. E. “Jerry” Wilson, President Emeritus

Jerry is a Savannah native who retired from a career in risk consulting and insurance for the transportation industry. He was the founding President and is now President Emeritus of Reed House.

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The staff, board, and members all work together so that the Program gets implemented with success and integrity.